Jun 11, 2018

Spring engagement photos at the Arboretum: Pamela & Jean-Marc

Pam was really hoping to do her engagement photos when the cherry blossoms were in full swing, but this season has been such an unpredictable one with our late start to spring and the overnight frost here and there. I think the blossoms have just been confused. Some of the bloomed, some of the half bloomed, some of them didn’t bloom at all. So our hunt for cherry blossoms at this spring engagement session at the Arboretum was a bit more challenging than we expected.

We managed to find one beautiful tree, still fully bloomed and with no lack of colour, while walking around the Arboretum. Of course, on a beautiful evening, many people were gathered around this tree taking photos, so we did what we could with the little space we had!

cherry blossom tree and the blue skyengaged couple smiling at each other in front of cherry blossom tree cherry blossoms at sunsetengaged couple cuddling in front of cherry blossom tree

There was no shortage of beautiful light on this evening. The Arboretum never ceases to disappoint when it comes to little nooks and crannies with beautiful dappled light. Paired with a gorgeous couple, and you’ve got yourself the perfect engagement session.

engaged couple cuddling in the woods at sunset man helping his fiancee down the stone steps through the forest engaged couple cuddling among the willow trees engaged couple holding hands among the trees at sunset engagedc ouple standing by the water man kissin her forehead engaged couple cuddling among the willow trees engaged couple holding hands walking through a field of dandelions bride to be looking back at the camera holding her fiancee's hand

What we didn’t expect to find were a ton of dandelions that actually made for a pretty killer photo!

silhouette of engagement couple among the dandelions at sunset engaged couple cuddling close in field of dandelionsengaged couple walking into field of dandelions at sunset

So pumped to celebrate these two this July at Beantown Ranch! It’s going to be a great day!




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