Mar 23, 2020

So, I don’t know about you, but this self isolation thing is starting to freak me out. I love my family, but spending all day, every day with the same 3 people and barely even seeing another human is weeeeeird. Who knows how long this is going to go on for…all I know is that […]

Mar 17, 2020

It was my first wedding of 2020 and my one and only winter wedding this season. And oh man it did not disappoint. Emily and Paul were married at Le Belvedere in Wakefield on the most perfect winter day last month. The sun was shining, it was like 2 degrees, and this bride and groom […]

Dec 30, 2019

How a year has already gone by is shocking to me. How I have a ONE YEAR OLD is shocking to me. Time is flying and while I am trying to slow down and soak it all in, it’s proving difficult with so much goodness crammed into one year. I probably say this every year, […]

Dec 23, 2019

I can’t even begin to express to you how lucky I feel to have met all of these incredible couples and to have photographed their engagement sessions! These are my favourite engagement photos of 2019…it was so so hard to narrow them down but here you have it folks. I can’t wait to see what […]