I met Jen and Ben over coffee one evening, shortly after the holiday season, at the Second Cup down the road, as my in-laws were visiting (as they are right now), and it was a mad house at our place (which it is right now – I am currently outside on my laptop writing this so that I can attempt to hear my own thoughts). I normally like to have my client meetings at home, in my living room, where we can sit back and relax, chat over tea or sparkling water, and I get the opportunity to hear all about how the couple met, where they got engaged, and how they came to choose their venue and wedding date.

I did not have the luxury this snowy, Wednesday evening, to control much of the ambience at the Second Cup. In fact, I changed tables about 3 times before I settled on one that was further from the smelly guy that looked like he’d been living at this Second Cup for some time, and not too close to the door or the cash that we’d be distracted by the other patrons.

My nerves were put to ease the moment I met Jen and Ben for the first time. Also, can we talk about how cute their wedding invitations are going to look and sound?! Jen is radiant and Ben has such an amazing sense of humour.

I met up with these love birds a few weeks ago just as the Tulip Festival had ended but there were still tulips to be seen! We walked along Dows Lake, taking photos for their engagement session, as the sun was setting and the tourists were slowly fading.

engaged couple kissing underneath big green tree at sunset golden lab jumping up on engaged couple while they walk their dog

They brought their adorable dog along for a few photos, as well. He was pretty excited about it.

engaged couple walking their dog down a path at sunset engaged couple smiling at their golden lab with his tongue sticking out man putting his arms around his fiancee underneath a tree at sunset girl hugging her fiancee's arm underneath a tree at sunset girl leaning her head against her fiancee's shoulder at sunset

The Tulip Festival is a strange thing to me (what’s all the hype about…am I being to pessimistic?), but paired with engagement photos, it’s pretty nice to look at!

purple and white tulips man kissing his fiancee on the cheek among the tulips in black and whitegirl smiling at her fiancee at sunset underneath a leafy green tree engaged couple cuddling by the water at sunset

So, it’s not often I post an out of focus photo on my website or blog, but I just have to tell you…
The bride and groom to be brought a bottle of champagne with them, intending to pop it while I took a photo. I had just finished telling Ben to be careful, as he was taking off the wrapping around the cork, and poof – the bottle popped!! Lesson learned – have my camera aimed, focused, and ready to fire in case that champagne bottle has a mind of it’s own!! Ha.

engaged couple opening a bottle of champagne by the water at sunset man pouring his fiancee a glass of champagne by the water at sunset engaged girl holding a crystal champagne glass by the water at sunset engaged couple toasting with champagne by the waterengaged couple holding champagne glasses by the water at sunsetengaged couple kissing underneath a green tree by the water at sunset girl walking the edge of the water holding her fiancee's hand at sunset engaged couple leaning in for a kiss at sunset by the water engaged couple cuddling by the water in black and white red and white tulips at sunsetengaged couple kissing holding their golden lab by the water at sunset

Congrats to this gorgeous pair! I’m so excited to be shooting your wedding come November!!


Tulip festival Dows Lake engagement photos: Jen & Ben

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