Dec 23, 2020

The title of this blog post is almost laughable… I think we can all agree 2020 was not what we had envisioned. I had so many weddings I was looking forward to this year that had to be postponed until next year. So many of my couples had to make the difficult decision to move […]

Apr 26, 2019

The power of print. It might seem minuscule in your day to day, but when you’re old and grey…what are you leaving behind for the next generation? I might have my photographer hat on, but your images in print is a powerful thing. Your legacy, your story, your memories left behind for the next generation. […]

Apr 18, 2019

When I was younger, my father always used to tell me that one day I would appreciate all of the photos he took. And I’m talking a LOT of photos. Birthday parties, camping trips, graduations, or just a Saturday afternoon by the pool with friends. There was always a camera around. Having family portraits taken […]

Feb 22, 2019

You know that feeling where your whole body just tingles from excitement? How you just know deep down this is going to be something big? Well, let me tell you…this is something I’m feeling real jazzed about. Something that fuels my soul and reignites my love for this job. It’s been something I have wanted […]