Apr 18, 2019

The importance of family photos

When I was younger, my father always used to tell me that one day I would appreciate all of the photos he took. And I’m talking a LOT of photos. Birthday parties, camping trips, graduations, or just a Saturday afternoon by the pool with friends. There was always a camera around.

Having family portraits taken used to be a real thing back in the day. Mostly because real cameras were unaffordable and you had to seek out a professional to take your photo. You’d go to your local Sears with your siblings, often dressed up in matching outfits, and pose for the sake of an updated family photo. Nowadays, we snap photos on our phones that get stored on the cloud and never really see the light of day. I have another blog post coming up about the importance of printing your photos, but I’ll leave that for later.

Dad and daughter playing together on Saturday morning. Photo by Ashley Notley Photography.Family with children running while holding hands in a field

By not having your family photos taken on a regular basis, you are almost doing your family a disservice. The reality is, children grow up fast, parents age, and people young and old pass away. Photos serve as memories and become part of a family’s legacy. And whether you believe it or not, these photos will be important to you one day.

mom and daughter cuddlingFather and son sitting at the bar of Three Pickles sandwich shop

As a mom, I am desperate for family photos and yet I still don’t get them done often enough. Yes, I have the ability to take photos of my own family, but never am I included in those photos. I know there are a gazillion moms out there, who like me, would love to be treated to an updated family photo. And I’m not talking the stuffy Sears portrait kinda photo. I’m talking fun, candid, and real. The ones that make your face hurt from laughing. Those real life moments captured as family together.

parents holding up their baby against brick wallmom and son licking muffin batter off spoons

This is why I am offering a promotion for Mother’s Day. A gift the moms in your life will not only love, but that she will cherish for years to come.

Lifestyle family photos are regular $450+hst. I am offering them for $375+hst until Mother’s Day. Sessions must be booked in July or September, and they include 1 hour in the location of your choosing as well as 50 high resolution photos.

family of four laughing together sitting on a rock Parents holding up their baby in front of old church in Ottawa

If you’re stumped and you don’t know what to get mom, this will not disappoint.

Send me an email at for more details!

Family with children running while holding hands in a field



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