Oct 31, 2017

Pink Lake engagement session in Gatineau Park: Robin and Sourena

It was my first time meeting Robin and Sourena in person at their Pink Lake engagement session in Gatineau Park. Our initial meeting was over Facetime, since Robin and Sourena live in Deep River. No one is ever truly their finest self over Facetime (at least I’m not). Between choppy reception, and the “no, you go ahead” and the “ah…oh…eh? Oh, sorry, I didn’t quite catch that”, it can be a little more difficult to get a sense of personality and connection. But, Robin and Sourena took a chance on me and decided to book me as their wedding photographer.

The moment they got out of the car in the Pink Lake parking lot, I knew this engagement session would be a good one. Robin is super stylish and Sourena is as sweet as pie.

engaged couple walking down the stairs together along nature trail engaged couple standing by the water laughing

This is moments after Sourena threatened to throw Robin into the water. True love. Haha.

engaged couple standing along wooden trail laughingflat lay of save the date and engagement ring with fall leaves

I can’t wait to shoot this ring on the big day, with all the pretty details. Love it!

engaged couple sitting on the stairs in the middle of the forest pear shaped engagement ring engaged couple sitting in the forestengaged couple walking up the stairs laughing by the water engaged couple standing among the trees engaged couple standing on wooden bridge holding hands and looking in opposite directionsengaged couple smiling at sunset on lookout overtop of water engaged couple smiling at sunset engaged couple standing in the forest engaged couple standing overtop of lookout kissingengaged couple smiling at sunset silhouette of engaged couple smiling at sunset by the lake

So looking forward to Robin and Sourena’s wedding at Le Belvedere in the spring! It’s going to be such a perfect day!

silhouette of engaged couple smiling at sunset by the lake



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