We were supposed to have this winter engagement session the weekend prior, but it has been so flipping cold out that we decided to postpone another week in hopes of warmer weather. In case it happened to be another -30 kind of day, Deidre suggested going up to their family cottage for their winter engagement session, so that we could use the indoor space as a back up. This family cottage also happens to be where Deidre and Matt got engaged! Perfection!

Turns out, we didn’t need to use the inside of the cottage and Deidre and Matt were more than happy to wander around outside. It was the perfect day, although a little windy, but it only enhanced the gorgeous photos we were able to create together.

engaged couple walking along snowy wooden pathengaged couple kissing on a snowy wooden path engaged girl kissing her fiancee on the tip of his nose engaged couple laughing as they walk through the woods during winter

Can we please talk about how gorgeous this fur vest is?! And it has a hood! Best. Ever.

engaged couple walking along snowy wooden path engaged couple walking outside their cottage during winter engaged couple holding hands as they walk through snowy pathmoose crossing sign posted on a tree engaged couple cuddling at sunset

Insert wind. Messy hair, don’t care.

engaged couple cuddling with wind blowing in her hair engaged couple standing at the bottom of stone steps holding hands

Deidre and Matt have major chemistry. I normally have to warm a couple up to the camera, but it was honestly like I wasn’t even there! I gave little to no direction whatsoever, and just let them be themselves.

engaged couple cuddling engaged couple standing in front of wooden garageengaged couple smiling at each otherengaged couple standing at the end of the dock during winter engaged couple cuddling during winterengaged couple looking out at the snow covered water engaged couple cuddling at sunset engaged couple smiling for the camera

I am so pumped to be photographing their wedding in October this year at Century Weddings and Events! No doubt it’s going to be a beautiful day!

Congrats to this gorgeous pair! I


Family cottage winter engagement session: Deidre and Matt

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