Feb 19, 2018

2018 family vacation to Iberostar resort in Mexico

In the spirit of family day, here’s a glimpse into our family trip down south. I don’t often post a lot of personal photos on here, but when I do, it’s mostly because my child is adorable. Smith and I spent our family vacation at the Iberostar resort in Mexico with my Dad and stepmom earlier this month for a little fun in the sun. We’d been last year, as well, all four of us. My husband stayed behind to work it, work it. Someone’s gotta pay the bills. Ha.

We did absolutely nothing but lounge by the pool, eat and drink all the food, and explore the resort. The Iberostar chain in Riviera Maya is huge. There are 5 resorts on the same property, plus a golf course, a massive gym, a convention centre, and a shopping mall. There must have been at least one wedding, each day, on the beach. I resisted the urge to snap some photos…cause then I’m just that creepy tourist, rather than a wedding photographer.

Little boy standing by rocks little boy laughing with palm trees behind himlittle boy looking into light

It was such a different experience traveling with Smith this time around. Now that he’s walking, we did a lot more exploring than usual. Everything was new and exciting to him.

palm trees at sunset mom and son standing by pool at resortlittle boy standing on a wooden bridge with palm trees

Smith was really into the cans of pop in our mini bar. This pop can of sparking water made it on one of our many adventure walks. He never opened it…just wanted to pretend to be a big boy and drink from it. He’d probably watched me walk around with a beer in hand one two many times on this trip and decided he needed to join the club.

little boy sitting at the top of a slide Little boy on swinglittle boy running up play structure littlt boy in toy kitchen Palm trees and blue skiesLittle boy in the pool on fire truck floaty Little boy drinking from a plastic cup Little boy smiling with his eyes little boy with sunhatmom and son standing by the pool before dinner

Sometimes, we retire the bathing suits for a crisp shirt at dinner.

little boy and grandfather standing by the pool before dinner little boy in muscle shirt playing in the sun

Time. Of. His. Life.

little boy running towards palm trees little boy walking in the sandlittle boy looking at little girl Little boy wearing muscle shirt walking along wooden pathpalm trees at sunset with pool

I swear, he had more fun at the airport watching the planes than he probably did in the pool. Typical boy.

Little boy watching the planes land at the airportLittle boy sitting with grandfather at the airport little boy watching the planes land at the airport

Until next year’s vacation, we now have to practice our swimming at the local pool here in Ottawa, and watch airplanes on television. Happy Family Day, friends! xo

little boy standing on a wooden bridge with palm trees



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