Aug 16, 2017

Red wine engagement session at Breather in the Byward Market: Paul and Jaimie

I’ve known Paul since elementary school and I love him to bits. A year older than me, he was my intro to everything high school. Yep, underage drinking, parties, and hanging with the cool kids. He kinda felt like that big brother I never had in those early days…even though I was probably already taller than him at that point. And even after we lost touch, he was still that familiar face at parties, always happy to see each other.

If you had told me back than that I’d be photographing his wedding, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. I also wouldn’t have believed I’d be a photographer – that sounds like way too cool of a job (I still feel that way sometimes!). But here we are. And I am so happy that Paul has found his lady love. Jaimie is so sweet, has a great sense of humour, and loves her red wine. Amen, sista. Life is too short for shitty red wine.

Jaimie liked the idea of having a super laid back engagement session, where they would drink wine and cuddle up on the couch. Since doing it at home didn’t feel like an option, they did their red wine engagement session at Breather in the Byward Market.

It’s the cutest space. And thank god for it, because it started raining HARD (are you surprised, given the weather we’ve had?!), just as I parked. I sat in the car for a while (early, of course), just to see if it let up a bit. It didn’t.

bride to be pouring red wine into wine glass couple enjoying red wine cuddled up on the couch groom to be smiling at his fiancee as they enjoy a glass of wine on the couch girl resting her legs in her man's lap while they drink wine on the couchbride to be enjoying a glass of red wine black and white photo of couple cuddling on the couchholding hands while cuddling on the couch black and white photo of engaged couple cuddling on the couch couple laughing as they cuddle with arms around each otherwine glasses resting on table while couple cuddle in the background engaged couple cuddling together in front of brick wall bride's engagement ring as she rests her hand on her fiancee's shoulderphoto of couple lying down together cuddled closeblack and white photo of groom to be hugging his fiancee

In case it could get any better, the weather improved so we were able to head outside for a little cruise in the Byward Market.

bride to be hugging her groom's arm as she rests her forehead on his shoulder groom to be laughing looking up as his fiancee giggles engagement couple looking at each other laughing with green vines in the backgroundengaged couple walking down york street in the byward market holding hands groom to be hugging his fiancee around her waist black and white photo of girl resting her head on her boyfriend's shouder as they lean against a brick wall photo of couples hands with brown leather watch couple sitting on the steps in the byward market cuddling

I’m so excited to photograph these two next year on their wedding day at the Experimental Farm! Stay tuned! xo



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