Dec 5, 2017

Ottawa yoga teacher Meghan Trevorrow

Meet Ottawa yoga teacher Meghan Trevorrow. You may also remember her as this stunning bride from this beautiful sunset wedding at Stanley’s Maple Lane Farm. Beautiful bride, beautiful yoga teacher, beautiful human.

Meghan’s bridesmaid, also a yoga teacher, gifted her a mini session with me for her bridal shower. In the crazy world of the World Wide Web these days (yes, I just said World Wide Web), we all know how important it is to have fresh content on your website, Instagram, Facebook, you name it.

Meghan wanted something clean and simple, that showcases not only her yoga practice but her personality.

yoga teacher doing sun salutations in the window yoga teacher in modified side plank with reflection in the mirror yoga teacher's hand in focus with the rest of her body out of focus

If you know Meghan, you know she is the sweetest human. She’s also the easiest person in the world to photograph. Gorgeous, inside and out.

black and white silhouette of yoga teacher in eagle pose in front of windowgeometric angles of yoga teacherreverse prayer behind the back geometric anglesyoga teacher with hands in prayeryoga teacher meditating in dark and moody window light

A little wardrobe change, and change of scenery, we wanted to give Meghan a few different looks to work with. I just love this window light.

crescent moon pose silhouette yoga teacher smiling by the window light yoga teacher holding a cup of tea by the window yoga teacher sitting against barn board wall

Are you a yoga teacher in Ottawa in need of some new photos? Send me an email! I’d love to chat!



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