It’s been a rough few weeks over here. I’m not going to lie. The flu, bronchitis, a trip to the ER, what feels like a busted rib and the inability to take a deep breath without coughing and feeling an immense amount of pain…oh and have I mentioned I’m growing a human? Anyways, throughout all of this, my clients have been nothing but caring and supportive. Little by little, I’m starting to feel better, but more and more, I’m reminded of just how amazing my clients are. Like seriously, Christine and James’ were nothing but supportive when I had to send someone in my place to photograph their wedding a few weeks ago. Now that is amazing.

Jess and Jeff’s maternity session was scheduled days after I got hit with the flu. I didn’t know how long I’d be out of commission, so I reached out to Jeff to give him a heads up. I’ve gotten to know Jeff over the last few years at the yoga studio where I teach. He is the kindest human I have ever met. Seriously. I remember the day Jeff told me that Jess was pregnant. They had hardly told anyone yet because it was still so early, but he was so giddy with excitement, he couldn’t contain it! Weeks later, I shared my news with him. So much fun.

Jeff immediately suggested we reschedule to give me some extra time to rest. And so we did, and I’m so grateful for it.

And the bonus? Jess’ maternity dresses arrived just in time for our maternity photos at the National Gallery of Canada! Also, check out that sunset! Wowzers.

expecting parents standing in front of National Gallery of Canada parents to be holding hands at sunset mom to be holding hands with her husband at sunsetparents to be laughing at sunset in front of National Gallery of Canada parents to be cuddling at sunsetparents to be smiling at each other at sunset

Jess, you are stunning! And Jeff, you clean up nice too!

parents to be cuddling at sunset

After a little wardrobe change, we walked over to the Alexandra Bridge.

parents to be standing on wooden bridge at sunset parents to be walking along bridge holding hands silhouette of parents to be at sunset by the water parents to be smiling at the camerasilhouette of parents to be standing by the water at sunset

Congratulations to these parents to be on the arrival of their baby boy at the end of October. These two are going to be such amazing parents!!


Maternity photos at the National Gallery of Canada: Jess and Jeff

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  1. Nan y says:

    You did an amazing job Ashley ! Theses photos are so amazing and truly capture the emotions of both Jess and Jeff . I love your work with the lighting and the background . I will certainly recommend you.
    Also thanks for the kind words about the happy couple, they are both such wonderful people and we are so proud of them.