In some ways, the last 9.75 months (not that I’m counting) have flown by. In other ways, I feel like I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. But, here we are – officially on maternity leave and waiting for Baby N to make his or her arrival!

The anticipation is unlike any other. I can feel this little human moving and squirming on the daily, but yet it doesn’t feel real. Everyone continues to tell me how much life is about to change. How hard it’s going to be, but oh so worth it. How this love I’m about to feel is indescribable. How there will be times I question my sanity and others where I just couldn’t imagine life any other way.

Whatever this brings, I’m so ready for you Baby N. Feel free to grace us with your presence whenever you’re ready (now would be great. I can’t wait any longer!!).

Gender neutral nurseryGender_neutral_nursery_004 Gender_neutral_nursery_005 blog_PROOFING_2Gender_neutral_nursery_003 Gender_neutral_nursery_008Gender neutral nursery

For now, friends, I leave you for a few short months while I take some time to soak in all the beautifulness that is this new adventure. While I will still be taking on weddings this summer, I’ll be taking a break from everything else until the fall! If you’re a recently engaged couple getting married in 2017, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’d be happy to meet and chat about your day!

Soon enough, I’ll be that annoying parent who posts endless pictures of her child on every social media outlet possible. Get ready.

Happy summer, my loves xoxo


Hello Maternity Leave!

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  1. Meaghan Thibodeau says:

    Room looks fab ????????

    You are about to experience a love like none other and a whirlwind of emotions as well as a whole new daily schedule :s

    As everyone else has told you it is completely worth it and hands down the best and most rewarding thing you’ll ever experience 🙂

    I’m 3 weeks in and loving every single minute, the intense immediate love and even the sleep deprived existence 😛

    Wishing you a quick and easy delivery and sending all the love, health and happiness in the world!

    Meg T