Mar 15, 2019

Family vacation in Mexico 2019

Our first family vacation in Mexico with two kids was both a success and unbelievably exhausting! While my husband stayed behind to work, I took the two boys to Mexico with my dad and stepmom and quickly learned what it would be like to be a single parent. Smith was practically my shadow all week (“What you doing, Mommy?”, “Where you going, Mommy?”, “I’m coming with you, Mommy”…). And Beau, while a dream, is still a baby and required a lot of attention. BUT I really shouldn’t complain. It was both warm and sunny all week, and we spent our days lounging by the pool, taking walks around the beautiful Iberostar resort, had lunch on the beach, went for ice cream after nap time, and ate all the yummy guacamole.

I also learned very quickly that getting a photo of myself with the two kids was next to impossible. So there is the odd iPhone photo mixed in here. Sorry, not sorry. Also, this is pretty much a photo essay of Smith…my model child. Wait for it…there are some real poses in here. Definitely a photographer’s child.

toddler watching tractor on the beachtoddler and grandpa on the beach mom holding toddler's hand looking at the ocean mom holding toddler's hand in the oceantoddler playing on stage in front of circus sign toddler in front of circus signpeacock on a golf cartbaby boy lying on pillow sunset and palm trees in Mexico on the way to dinner in Mexicofamily photo in mexicomom and baby laughing together

I thought for sure I would struggle to get Smith to nap during the day, but he happily snoozed in our room for 2 hours each day, knowing we’d walk up to the ice cream shop, after nap time.

This is the face of a kid going to get ice cream.

toddler running up a ramp for ice cream toddler eating an ice cream cone wearing a billabong hat toddler eating an ice cream cone in front of palm trees toddler eating an ice cream conetoddler with arms crossed in Mexicotoddler looking towards palm tree toddler giving attitude with arms crossedbaby smilingbrothers on the way to breakfast at all-inclusive resort

Smith is by far the best big bro. He always wants to make sure Beau is happy, give him hugs and kisses, and help get him dressed or push the stroller.

brothers in bedboy leaning against a purple wall next to palm leaves boy on a path in mexico boy sitting on a bench with sunglasses onboy picking flowers Boy sitting on a bench with sunglasses on his head

This little face…!! He’s growing so fast, I just can’t.

boy sitting on a bench laughing with sunglasses onmom and two sons dressed for dinner

Now that we’re home and the snow is plentiful, I wish we could go back. But I am happy to be back into the routine and sleeping in my own bed…only sharing a room with one of the boys!

toddler looking towards palm tree


  1. Amy says:

    Awe, cute…looks like the sweetest little family vacation!! And you’re right about the kiddos growing fast!! Look at them go!!


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