An oldie but a goodie, this engagement session at the Loft Board Game Lounge in Ottawa was all kinds of fun. So much fun that I totally thought I had blogged it! But at that busy time of year, I totally overlooked pressing publish on the blog and it has sat in my drafts folder ever since. Thea and Mike, I promise I love you guys and love, love, loved this engagement session! My bad! Haha.

Ok, so for starters, I met Thea and Mike back in June. I probably couldn’t blame baby brain any longer for this, but when the doorbell rang on a Sunday afternoon, I looked out the window and went “oh SHIT!”. I had completely forgotten about my consultation with them! Wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, I wasn’t exactly prepared in any way, but they were so gracious and understanding. I managed to pull it together, and after they’d ironed out their wedding plans, they decided to book me as their wedding photographer. I promised to show up on their wedding day and not forget about it!

We started chatting about their engagement photos after solidifying their booking and Thea mentioned really loving the engagement session I had recently done at Zak’s diner. Something a little more “them” and less everyone else. Thea and Mike love playing board games so we decided to meet at The Loft, a board game lounge in Ottawa.

exterior of the loft board game lounge in ottawa couple cuddling in front of wall of board games engaged couple choosing a board game to play during engagement session tattooed girl putting her arm around her fiancee as they look at board games engaged couple playing board games at The Loft in Ottawa engaged man smiling at his bride to be as they play card games at The Loft in Ottawatattoed bride to be dealing cards during engagement session tattoeed girl holding a beer smiling at her fiancee engaged girl smiling at her fiancee holding a beer tattoeed bride to be drinking a beer as they play card gamesengaged couple kissing in front of mural at The Loft

Mike was under the weather and not really in the mood for photos, to say the least, but a little beer and a board game with his lovely fiancee seemed to perk him right up.

After we took a few photos around The Loft, we headed out for a little cruise around the neighborhood. I have to say, Thea’s pink dress against all the older buildings looks amazing!

engaged couple with tattoos cuddling in alley way tattooed couple holding hands walking along graffiti sidewalk tattoeed couple cuddling in front of old buildingtattooed couple cuddling in front of old building engaged couple holdings hands between window panes of brick buildingtattooed couple cuddling in front of wall with vines Tattooed couple wrapping arms around each other Tattoeed bride to be's hands around her fiancee's shoulders engaged couple almost kissing sitting on steps of churchengaged couple cuddling sitting on steps of churchengaged couple sitting on steps of church with red door

So looking forward to Thea and Mike’s wedding at the Cube Gallery next summer. It’s going to be a good one! Until then, stay cozy my friends!


Engagement Session at the Loft Board Game Lounge in Ottawa: Thea and Mike

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