Sep 28, 2020

It’s no surprise that many couples have had to plan a wedding on the fly, with the ever evolving situation during this pandemic. Jackie and Steve were supposed to get married this fall in Toronto but as the months rolled on, they made the difficult decision to postpone their big wedding and do a small […]

Sep 24, 2020

Angus and Laura were married on the rainiest of August days. Honestly, it was dark, grey and there seemed to be no end to the rain in sight. But as the afternoon rolled around and it came time to meet the wedding party for photos before the ceremony, the rained subsided just enough that we […]

Sep 11, 2020

Kathleen and Dan were originally supposed to get married in May at the Museum of Science and Technology, but because of Covid and the restrictions due to the pandemic, they postponed their wedding to September. As September got closer, they realized that having the big wedding as planned wasn’t going to happen so they rescheduled […]

Mar 23, 2020

So, I don’t know about you, but this self isolation thing is starting to freak me out. I love my family, but spending all day, every day with the same 3 people and barely even seeing another human is weeeeeird. Who knows how long this is going to go on for…all I know is that […]