Nov 10, 2017

A classic red dress engagement session at the Arboretum in Ottawa: Alyson and Steve

When they got out of the car in the parking lot, I nearly died. A classic red dress engagement session at the Arboretum…it doesn’t get more perfect than that.

Alyson was dressed to the nines in the most beautiful red dress with a big bow on the back. Steve, in a suit, was wearing a red tie to match. Love, love, love it. The contrast with all the beautiful trees was dreamy. So dreamy.

engaged couple wearing red dancing in the treesengaged couple cuddling by the pond with willow trees engaged girl wearing a red dress with a big bow standing on a bridge with her fiancee engaged couple standing on a bridge hugging

Their love story began when Alyson told Steve he looked like Sydney Crosby. I’m so glad that Alyson mentioned that at our initial meeting because it was driving me crazy trying to figure out who he looked like!

engaged couple kissing by the water with fall trees in the backgroundbride to be smiling at her fiancee with willow trees in the background engaged girl wearing red nail polish with halo diamond ring around her fiancee's neck engaged man kissing his fiancee on the forehead by the water's edge engaged couple looking out onto the water engaged couple in red walking among the treesengaged couple sitting together on a park bench

Steve had an elaborate proposal planned in the fall of 2016. He wanted to bring Alyson to Gatineau park, among the fall leaves, but on the day he had planned, Alyson had the flu. Instead, he took her to the Arboretum (after she’d recovered of course), and proposed to her along a cute path in the forest. Perfection.

engaged couple cuddling in black and whiteengaged couple holding hands, walking in the grass with dress flowing in the wind engaged couple cuddling underneath the trees in black and white engaged couple running in the grass at sunsetgirl wearing a red dress with a big, red bow cuddling in the willow trees

Alyson and Steve are getting married at Le Belvedere in August and I just cannot wait! It might not be Gatineau Park, but it’s close enough! And that view is hard to beat!

Congrats to this gorgeous pair!


  1. Sharon Vickers

    November 10th, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    Such beautiful, stunning pictures!! I feel quite teary viewing them! ???? Yes, and I do think my son resembles Sidney Crosby. ????

  2. René Moortgat

    November 11th, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    My heart is so warmed by seeing these gorgeous pictures: A pure and beautiful pictorial representation of love and commitment.

    She is enchanting in gleaming red.

    He is dashing in navy.

    But beyond the physical beauty with which they’ve been blessed, I’m lucky to know of the deep love and respect that binds this couple together, and creates a fairytale love story. I cannot wait to share in their happiness during their wedding celebration in 2018.

    Your friend forever,


  3. Iris Zhang

    November 23rd, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Amazing!! You look gorgeous in that red dress, girl!!


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